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Antiques restoration

Antiques are more than just furniture. They are tradition, craftsmanship, a piece of family history, precious memories and valuables, which are carefully preserved for future generations.

In close collaboration with the best restorers in Europe, Mercurius Vienna offers you comprehensive services to preserve the beauty and value of your antiques:

  • Restoration of Antique Furniture
  • Elaborate Veneer Work
  • Special Shellac Polishes by Hand
  • Cleaning of Bronzes
  • Metal Fitting Supplement
  • Cleaning of Marble Sculptures.

Reconstructions and Wooden Structures

Historical expertise and craftsmanship also allows our partners to design reconstructions and unique wooden pieces, such as a Louis XVI Style library.

With years of experience, trough knowledge of art and design and a great network of partners, the team at Mercurius Vienna will develop an individual plan for the reconstruction and restoration of your antique interiors and furniture.

Do you have questions or would you like to receive individual advice on restoration of antiques?

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