Mercurius Interior Design

Expressive Interior Design from Vienna

Do you like our ideas and our concept?

We would be glad to help you bring the Mercurius furnishing style into your home:

  • Completely unorthodox, we combine existing furnishings with epoch-transcending art, classical antiques, and craftsmanship from different cultural circles and styles.
  • We are looking for Asian Art, Tribal Art, and unique Contemporary Art exclusively to perfect your home.
  • We work your family heirloom.
  • And will help you make your seating furniture, rooms, as well as clothes, from unique materials.
  • We use our contacts to make art affordable to you.
  • Together with our network of outstanding professional craftsmen and specialists, we can assemble a new interior design concept just for you!

Even a small change can sometimes lead to great things. With Mercurius Vienna, you have a competent partner for interior design, art and antiques. Our creativity knows no boundaries, whatever your budget allows.

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